Legal information


-The cottages are given clean, the beds made.
We welcome you on your arrival.
We take the end of the payment on your arrival.
It is forbidden to make noise outside between 10pm and 8am.
We ask that you respect your vehicle location.
Inside the cottages you have the sorting of garbage and the day of passage.
Inside the cottages you all have COVID19 regulations.
We ask to smoke outside.

-When you leave we ask:
-To return the cottage in the state where you got it.
-If you have breakage during the stay (it's up to you to replace it or leave us the amount). ( prevent).
-We ask you to undo the beds used and deposit the sheets in the bag made for this (COVID19 standards). 
-You leave at the time you want of course before 10am, you deposit the key in the mailbox provided for this.
Thank you for your understanding.

the owners.